The Varimix Mixing Unit

Mix anti freeze and water using our unique air operated system. Two pumps, one output, at whatever percentile you require

Our new fully redesigned, unique and bespoke anti-freeze mixing system is housed in a tough, hard wearing, red fibre-glass protective outer casing, and fitted with a redesigned base-plate, allowing the choice of percentage at the flick of a key (see the VX2575). The improvements are just another step closer to ensuring that customer satisfaction, reliance and experience are put first.

If you would like to find out more information on our current units, please check the link at the top of the page where we still have detailed info on the classic series units. We are always happy to hear from our clients to, whether it's for enquiries or support - just give us a call!

Air Pumping Ltd - intelligent design from the creators of the Varimix

  • Fully automated product mix system
  • Small, compact & secure
  • Full ATEX approval available on request
  • Infinite mix capacity or pre-set configurations for ease of use
  • Intrinsically safe - 100% air operated
  • Save money and mix your own fluid products

The Old Varimix Unit

Varimix in action

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