VX201 - 1" Floor Standing

The VX201 is our largest production Varimix unit, designed with a 1" bore manifold and and equivalent pump units, this machine is well suited for the longest of pipe-runs. Running two 1" bore pumps, this unit can mix anti-freeze and water for you at 133 litres per minute. Coupled with a full Varimix install from Air Pumping, mixed fluid can be dispensed at any position of your given choice on a huge scale.

If you would like to find out more information on our current units, please check the link at the top of the page where we still have detailed info on the classic series units. We are always happy to hear from our clients to, whether it's for enquiries or support - just give us a call!

Pump Models: 2 x 1" APA100/AE
Pump Materials: Aluminium, Polypropylene, Santoprene
Varimix Materials: Fibre Glass, Polypropylene
System Weight (Dry): 100.5 lbs (45.6 kgs)
System Weight (Full): 562.2 lbs (255 kgs)
Max. Flow Rate: 35 gpm (133 lpm)
Max. Suction Lift: 10 ft / 6 mtr s(Dry)
Max. Output per Cycle: 0.16 gallons (0.6 litres)
Max. Particle Size: ⅛" (3.2mm)
Max. Temp. Limits: 35°f - 150°f (2°c - 66°c)
Unit Dimensions: 1270mm x 660mm x 660mm (50" x 26" x 26")
Noise Levels @ 70psi: 59.8db (A)